7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

By Deborah Wilburn

You exercise regularly and you think your diet is pretty good, so why won’t the scale budge? The fact is, we’re not all experts in everything weight loss, and those gaps in knowledge can derail our efforts to shed a few pounds. Find out if you make some of the most common weight loss mistakes – and learn simple ways to correct them.  Continue reading  

Eat More and Still Lose Weight

By: Taylor Lupo

Snacks can be a part of a healthy diet. In fact, the right kind of snacks may even help you lose weight! Healthy snacks should satiate hunger and prevent overeating—two important things when you’re trying to watch your weight. Before you find yourself halfway through a bag of potato chips, it’s important to remember not all snacks are created equal. Try to pre-plan snacking, and make sure your snack includes protein and produce to get more of your nutrient needs.

Get the scoop on low-calorie snacks that keep you satisfied.   Continue reading  

A Simple Way to Prevent Weight Gain

Want to keep that number on the scale right where it is for the next dozen or so years?

Here’s the 60-minute secret that will make it so: daily walking. In a long-term study, middle-aged women who averaged about 60 minutes’ worth of moderate-intensity exercise like walking on a daily basis experienced almost no weight gain during a 13-year period. Continue reading